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5 Fun + Unique Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

5 Fun + Unique Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is fast approaching but there is still time to WOW the Matriarch of the Fam with a special, fun & useful gift! We highlight 5 unique and cool gift categories sure to please every Mom and make her feel loved and super appreciated on her special day.


We all know Moms do a lot of drinking to get through those hectic days–Hey! we were talking about coffee and water…(wine is good too). A funny mug or water bottle will keep her hydrated with the good stuff and give her a little dose of humor on the most trying of days.



Ok, so jewelry is probably not a unique gift per se for this occasion, but these options are anything but ordinary and a perfect gift for the cool-girl Mom in your life!


Say It Like You Mean It

Jewelry with great sayings lets mom express herself while wearing the standard Mom jeans + tee uniform



We all know diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but not all moms are the sparkly sort. A beautiful and unique gemstone necklace gives an air of understated elegance and a cool gypsy vibe


Cutout shapes

Stars, hearts and diamonds made of delicate wire plated in 14k gold or sterling silver are a simple and pretty option that Mom can wear with anything from a tee to a LBD (that stands for little black dress to all you dads out there)


Every Mom needs a little help in the organizing department. Give her the gift of list making and task delegating with hilarious notepads and sticky notes (they also provide comic relief to help Mom center when her week is getting a little wacky and it seems that crap is about to hit the fan).


There are very few places that a mom can go where she can truly be alone-one of them being the shower and the 5-10 minutes post-shower reserved for moisturizing, eyebrow plucking and hair drying (no, going to the bathroom is NOT a safe place for a mom even though dads seem to be able to hang out in there with their phones for a half an hour uninterrupted). So a luxurious shower gel, fragrant lotion or face/body scrub is a perfect gift for Moms to make her sliver of alone time extra enjoyable.


Moms wear a lot of tees–it’s just the easiest thing to throw on in a hurry when you’ve got a lot of sh*t to do! Luckily there are a great assortment of fashionable options out there that will keep mom looking hip even on a messy hair, don’t give a crap day, which all moms will appreciate!


And there you go–5 great options for Mother’s Day gifts this year that Moms will truly appreciate and cherish. So get to purchasing because time is running out! (Dads this is a perfect thing to work on while hiding in the bathroom with your phone). XOXO


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