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Mom Fashion: “What the heck do I wear today?!” Summer Edition

Mom Fashion: “What the heck do I wear today?!” Summer Edition

Wardrobe essential: Camo shorts

So I’m totally a tee + jeans kinda girl…but when it finally hit 90-something around my neck of the woods, I reluctantly knew that in order to prevent additional uncomfortable sweating, I had to switch to…shorts. I hate shorts. All the super cute distressed styles are booty shorts and made for 18-20-something model types with tanned, stick legs and no cellulite (seriously, a lot of those DO exist).

But I found a perfect solution in an amazing pair of Sanctuary camo rolled hem shorts! http://fashionandfairytales.com/product/habitat-camo-short/

It’s a relaxed pair-I wouldn’t say boyfriend style because they’re not that long-but they cover everything in back that I want them to and they still show off the good parts of my legs. Lol. And they will keep me cool…well, as cool as one can get in this heat without being naked.

So in true mommy form, they will become my go-to, wear almost every day bottoms for the summer. As you may be thinking, I was slightly concerned about the camo aspect–will they go with anything? Or will I look mismatched and have to resort back to my comfort-blankie pairs of long denim? I began sifting through my tops and found that Yes! They will go with a lot of things! And I’ll actually look pretty cool in these outfits-because I’m venturing beyond wearing all of my tops with jeans.

Here are some great outfit ideas to show you how I will be rocking these bad boys this summer and why you should consider picking up a pair too!



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