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Hello Lovely Ladies! First & foremost, I want to personally say that I hope YOU and YOUR FAMILY are HEALTHY, SAFE & KEEPING IN GREAT SPIRITS! I know I am still adjusting to 3 kids being home with me now ALL.DAY.LONG. Every Day...and loving it, but I also have (frequent, if I'm being honest here) moments of my marbles being almost completely lost. I also find myself pulling the old dad trick of "going to the bathroom" for an extended period of time to get the heck away for a few minutes...and not feeling quite as guilty about it, lol. I'm also adjusting to this new "normal" of virtually our entire outside world being shut down and having to rely on our immediate family unit...and heavily relying on MYSELF to find ways to stay calm, optimistic, sane, happy...trying not to stay frozen in fear when the worry, uncertainty and stress breaks me and shuts me down-because my family, my kids, my husband need me. Whoa! Mind Blown! Time to put my Big Girl Pants ON!! Except I was still working on that BEFORE this whole thing went down... On top of that, I have a Boutique business that I have been building for the past 4 years...and I have really struggled with how to show up & be there for my wonderful community of ladies. Not because I don't want to, but because I have been so fearful of putting myself out there and risk sounding dumb, irrelevant or selfish for talking about my business-after all, we closed the Brick & Mortar 2 weeks ago now being a "non-essential" business. I've been feverishly working on changing that, and have come up with several ways that I want to show up for myself, and for YOU. It's not gonna be perfect at first, but I have to start somewhere, just like I did 4 years ago, and start serving my people again. (Somehow I had a lot more confidence and cajones when I first THANK YOU for taking the time to check out my boutique website. We are currently in the process of making some cool adjustments, and will re-open in a few days. If you have any questions or need any help, you can DM us on our Instagram @fashionandfairytalesboutique AND if you'd like to be the FIRST to KNOW when we re-open, please sign up for our mailing list. So excited to see you all soon and TAKE CARE!! Very Sincerely, Alexis O. (owner, Fashion and Fairytales Boutique)

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